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      Winter and Rodents!

      Nov 9, 2021 | Pest Control Tips, Rodents

      Why it is Important to Keep Rodents Out of Your Home in the Winter

      With the temperature dropping, your warm and insulated home will also be a source of heat and food for many rodents. Because of the colder temperatures, rodents will find any way to enter your home whether it is through cracks in the wall, open windows or doors, even vents or pipes! One thing to be concerned about is that rodents carry diseases and a host of parasites. 

      Did you know that rodents do not hibernate during the cold winter months?  They spend the winter looking for food, and seeking shelter. They will nest in wall voids, crawl spaces, attics, and more.

      Not only are rodents nesting, finding shelter and trying to stay warm in your home, they are also causing damage to it. They are known to chew on support beams, gnaw wires and shred the insulation in your home. They can also tear into bags of dry foods that you may have stored which can transfer germs to you and your family. Mouse saliva is known to trigger asthma and also cause skin irritations. 

      There are many reasons why you should keep rodents out of your home. Even though we have mentioned some common issues such as damage to the home, disease, food contamination, there are many more. Most importantly, keeping rodents out of your home can be a stressful and difficult problem. 

      If you’re trying to combat this issue or have an infestation and require professional and efficient rodent control and removal, please call us at Pestward or use the contact form for information on how we can help!