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    What to Expect from your Pest Control Company

    Jan 19, 2021 | Pest Control Tips

    Windsor is home to millions of pests, and consequently your residence is not excluded from their populations. So what do you do when they start squatting in your home? You can do it yourself or you can call a pest control company to take care of it for you. Here’s what to expect to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

    No matter the invading species, the visiting expert should intently listen and understand the issue from your experience. Despite being an expert, your knowledge may help them find the root of the problem quicker, therefore saving time and money.  Pertinent information can include where you’ve seen the pests, volume of populations and descriptions of the pests aesthetics and patterns. 

    Next they should now investigate based on your provided info and their experience. After a thorough investigation the expert should have a good understanding of your problem. With this info it’s important that they educate you on the source and solution to the problem, and manage your expectations based on what needs to be done.

    Now comes time to apply a pest management program (PMP). PMP’s can vary based on what you’re dealing with but they do have one thing in common. Processes. 

    1. Treat accordingly for pests. You always want to try the safest and most environmental solutions.
    2. Monitor. This involves a scheduled inspection at a later date to determine the effectiveness of the inaugural treatment.
    3. Reevaluate. Monitoring presents data that will determine the next step. Whether it be a change in the current PMP, continuation or success and it’s time for the next step.
    4. Maintenance. It’s important to take preventative measures even if you don’t have a current issue. Especially if you’ve had issues in the past. Bugs are always looking for new warm places to breed and live. A maintenance program is much affordable in the long run because it eliminates the issue before it even starts.

    Overall, communication, integrity, and professionalism are the most important parts. Your pest control experts should be ready to answer any questions you may have.