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      Why Sanitize?

      Both residential and commercial clients can benefit from regular sanitization in a number of ways. Especially during these COVID-19 times, there has never been a greater need to develop new and lasting techniques for microbial control.

      We introduced santization into our service offerings to help make regular and thorough viral control more accessible and afforable to our clients. From single deep cleans to monthly surface treatments and hand sanitizer stock management, we at Pestward offer peace of mind to businesses and homes looking for regular sanitization.

      What Service Includes?

      The programs we develop for santitizing are based on the clients specific needs. Factors such as traffic, public interaction, activities, and industry can all affect how a program is developed. However, we break down all programs into 3 levels of involvement.

      Basic programs involve one off cleanings of all surfaces in an area with a medical grade disinfectant. This treatment is food safe and in most cases the areas are ready for traffic in as little as 20 minutes.

      We schedule these on an as needed basis.

      Similar to the basic program, the residue program is a treatment of all surfaces within a desired area. However, this program utilizes Zoono microbial technology which provides lasting effects for up to 30 days. This is the most ideal option for santization applications. 

      Available on as needed or monthly plans.

      This is our top-tier program for santization needs. Includes regular surface treatments with Zoono microbial solutions as well as all required stock of hand sanitizer, sprays, wipes and more. We designed this program for high traffic commercial applications. Stay compliant, protect customers and staff, and build a more resilient business all with peace of mind. Pestward does all the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business.

      Available as a monthly plan only. 

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