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The Pestward Plan

Whether you live in it or rent it out, your property is an asset. When infestations occur, they can cause damage to the home and cost significant amounts in both repairs and hiring pest control services. These costs are often unexpected and can cause grief for homeowners and tenants alike.

Our Property Pest Plan is designed to help mitigate the cost of pest control services while providing true value to the homeowner. Unlike other types of insurances, you are not paying for a what-if. You get tangible value in monthly rodent baiting, quarterly preventative sprays, and coverage for infestations that might occur, all in one monthly price.

What Does Service Include?

Your property service plan will include a number of components designed to give you maximum long-term pest prevention as well as give you more insight into the state of your property.

Starting at as little as $60/mo per property*. Multiple property discounts available!

You can also view your service files on our Client Portal.

* Pricing listed covers a maximum unit size of a duplex or single family residence. Larger properties and multi-unit dwellings subject to additional costs.

As part of rodent prevention, for as long as you keep the plan, your property will have on-going rodent control measures in place. We monitor these stations and provide reports of activity whenever it is measured.

Rodent bait boxes are an essential part of keeping rodents out of the home and from damaging the structure.

The best way to keep bugs out is to stop them at the door. Our preventative sprays target thresholds and other access points on the home to ensure any potential invaders are stopped in their tracks before they can get into the home.

Preventative treatments are effective at preventing neighbouring infestations from making their way into your property. They also provide the added benefit of reducing other nuisence pests in the home.

We will send quarterly reports outlining the activity levels measured, problems that may arise, and other pertinant information. You'll have peace of mind knowing the structure and safety of your property is being looked after.

It goes without saying that unexpected costs for pest control are not fun. Treatments for infestations of cockroaches or bed bugs can range from $250-1000+ per unit for guaranteed removal services. These cost can rack up quickly which is why we started these plans.

In all circumstances where our rules of treatment are being followed, we include service for infestations at no additional cost! Invasive pest like cockroaches and bed bugs can be carried in on clothing, travel bags, and used items that you've purchased at any time.

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